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Sending your money with Platinum Exchange Inc.

Platinum Exchange Inc. has been in the business of providing money transfer services around the world through their banking channels. Since our establishment in 2012, we have been servicing our clients with secure, reliable and efficient remittance methods. Platinum Exchange is registered fully compliant with all regulatory bodies.

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Provide opportunities, growth and prosperity to our business partners and the communities. we operate by providing an extensive global network to communities as one of the most innovative, reliable and efficient money transfer company around the world. We are determined to achieve these goals by partnering with market leading financial institutions and incorporating extensive compliance and innovative technology that can lead to new services into the market.

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Platinum Exchange Inc. has a vision to become a global market leader in the money transfer business. Its intended for customers and those who wish to support, assist and facilitate payments for people around the world where money transfer is the only option to reach them.

AML & KYC Policy

Platinum Exchange Inc. is a registered money service business with THE FINANICAL TRANSACTIONS & REPORTS ANALYSIS CENTRE OF CANADA (FINTRAC)


Identity Classification

As a money services business, we must identify individuals and confirm the existence of entities for certain activities and transactions. We are responsible for identifying clients for:

We have to identify any individual who conducts a transaction for the issuance or redemption of negotiable instruments, such as traveller’s cheques or money orders of $3,000 or more, at the time the transaction takes place.
When we remit or transmit $1,000 or more by any means, we have to identify the individual who makes the request at the time the transaction takes place.
When we exchange $3,000 or more in foreign currency, we must identify the individual conducting the transaction at the time the transaction takes place.
we must identify every individual who conducts a large cash transaction at the time the transaction takes place. A large cash transaction occurs when we receive $10,000 or more in cash in a single transaction.
we must take reasonable measures to identify individuals who conduct or attempt to conduct suspicious transactions.
we must confirm the existence of an entity when you create a client information record for an ongoing service agreement for electronic funds transfers, funds remittance or foreign exchange services. This includes a service agreement for the issuance or redemption of money orders, traveller’s cheques or other negotiable instruments.


Compliance Regime

We are required to maintain a compliance regime that contains adequate policies and procedures in accordance to FINTRAC regulations.

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Further Protections

To do our part in fighting money laundering and terrorist financing, we ensure strict adherance to scanning each transaction against the OFSI watch lists.

In addition, we have adequate controls pertaining to the transaction activity at several instances of transaction life cycles. Such controls include:

  • Client Profiling
  • Risk Assessment
  • Client Identification Controls & Validations
  • Transaction Aggregation Thresholds
  • Government Reporting Controls & Validations
  • Possible Structuring Reporting
  • Enhanced Due Diligence Reporting

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